What is post-feminism and are we experiencing it? One of my favorite blogs, Finally, A Feminist 101 Blog, discusses post-feminism thoroughly in its FAQs. The article on Post-Feminism, by tekanji, explains in part:

“According to Wikipedia post-feminism began in the early 1980’s, though the origins, according to Hawkensworth, seem to be from as early as the 1970’s, when journalists and academics began proclaiming that feminism is dead. The basic idea behind the movement is that feminism has achieved its goals and now it is time to distance ourselves from the movement…

No matter what form it may take, however, it is clear that the movement arose out of a backlash against feminism. This backlash is often ascribed to the specialization and splintering of feminism, which is seen by many post-feminists as one of the root causes for feminism’s decline. Regardless of which frame is put on it, though, this backlash carries one primary notion: post-feminism’s rise signals a world ‘in which feminism has been transcended, occluded, overcome’ (Hawkensworth).”

I suppose whether or not we’re in a post-feminist world depends on who you ask. Second Wave feminists like me, while acknowledging that the tenor of feminism has changed, are hardly likely to pronounce feminism is dead. This is partly because of the way Second Wavers saw the problems of women in our patriarchal society. Some people think that feminism has served its purpose because so many advancements fought for by Second Wave feminists have been achieved.

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