Misogynist Myths – What Men Think About Women

Photo from BBC News

Here are a few statements about women that are stated as facts. Some of them are patently untrue while others have at least a kernel of truth to them. I’ve added some generalizations of my own in the comments. See what you think.

  1. Women are bad drivers. I discuss this in my February 11, 2010 post, “Women Drivers.”
  2. Women are emotional. While this may be true, that doesn’t mean that men aren’t also emotional. It’s just that the emotions themselves may be different.
  3. Women are passive. If this is so, it’s because they’re socialized to be that way.
  4. Women seek love as opposed to sex. See #5.
  5. Women are less interested in sex than men are. Depends on which women—and men—you’re talking to. Besides, if this were true, why do so many cultures go out of their way to control women’s sexuality?
  6. Women talk too much. No, they just tend to talk about different things than men do. And women have been tagged as talkative because men don’t value their opinions.
  7. Women are into commitment and monogamy more than men are. This may be hard-wired into them because they know they need a stable environment in which to raise children.
  8. Women are weak. Some women are physically weak compared to some men, but they tend to be stronger emotionally. And they handle pain better.
  9. Women are sneaky. This is another way of saying “passive-aggressive.” And like, passivity, they have learned to be “sneaky” because being out-front often backfires on them.
  10. Women are hard to work with/for. I say men are just as hard to work for although perhaps for different reasons (autocratic leadership styles, sexual harassment, not giving women credit, etc.)
  11. Women are more “into” parenthood than men are. This one is unfair to men.
  12. Women are better with babies and young children. Again, unfair to men.
  13. All women want to have children. Not true. And it’s not unnatural if they don’t.
  14. Women are especially suited for the “helping” professions. This is a myth that is perpetrated in order to keep women in their place. Besides, men don’t want to do the “dirty” work.
  15. Women don’t have the drive to succeed than men do (women are not ambitious). This one’s a laugh!
  16. Women can’t make up their minds. It may seem this way because women are good at looking at an issue from all sides and weighing the alternatives.
  17. Women are better at keeping house than men are. Maybe that’s because housekeeping is one sphere they’re allowed to operate in and they take pride in it. However, men can be just as good at it.
  18. Women have better verbal skills, men have better math skills. Although the brain shows signs of gender differentiation, this may be something that is encouraged by their environments.
  19. Women are more into the arts, men into sports. Same response as number 18.
  20. Women don’t age well. Really? Have you seen Susan Sarandon lately?