Feminist Wars

At first I was supportive of Jessica Valenti when she voiced her disapproval of Anne E. Kornblut‘s comments about younger feminists and their voting habits. Kornblut wrote in The Washington Post on December 27, 2009 that younger feminists voted for Obama rather than for Clinton because they would rather see the first African-American as President than the first woman:

Mothers and grandmothers who saw themselves in Clinton and formed the core of her support faced a confounding phenomenon: Their daughters did not much care whether a woman won or lost. There was nothing, in their view, all that special about electing a woman — particularly this woman — president. Not when the milestone of electing an African American president was at hand.

Valenti took issue with that statement: “Like women who voted for Clinton,women who voted for Obama had their own nuanced, thought-out, intellectual, political reasons to do so.” [Bold type Valenti’s]

However, I applauded Valenti for sticking up for her generation before I read her entire essay. This is how she ended it:

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