Liberate Yourself

Sexism begins in our own hearts. All too often, we ourselves are the ones who accept society’s limitations on our lives. We believe all the crap that’s been socialized into us: that men are our heads, that they are meant to dominate, that women cannot have children and a career, that women are primarily responsible for the home–the list goes on and on.When we stop accepting these bromides as the Truth, we are taking the first step toward personal liberation.

This doesn’t mean that we have to hate men, reject motherhood, and strike out on our own. There’s nothing wrong with being in relationships, having children and being interdependent. It is the absolutes that kill us: you must get married, you must have children, you must be dependent on your husband, you must be subservient to men. But until we ourselves believe that we can make our own rules, rules that express our individuality, we will be stuck dancing someone else’s dance and never discover the satisfaction and joy of dancing for ourselves.