What I’ve Learned About Being a Mother

  1. No matter what anyone tells you, you’re never prepared for any of it: being pregnant, labor and delivery or motherhood itself.
  2. Children change your life in ways you never expected.
  3. It’s hard to be yourself and be a mother.
  4. If you are yourself, you will embarrass your children. If you try to act like them, you will embarrass your children. No matter what you do, you embarrass your children.
  5. Keep a detailed journal. Your stories will never jibe with your children’s versions and it’s good to have proof.
  6. You will not have time to keep a journal.
  7. You will never feel like you’re a good enough mother.
  8. Your children will always come first. That’s hard for the man in your life to swallow. That’s hard for you to swallow.
  9. You will need to have the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon.
  10. You will never again be lonely. Or alone. Even in the bathroom.
  11. At times, it will be all you can do to hold onto your sanity.
  12. At other times, your children teach you more than you ever thought possible about love, joy and laughter.
  13. A child’s love is pure–even when he or she doesn’t like you.
  14. You will always worry about your children–even when they’re grown.
  15. Don’t expect to get back what you’ve given; it’s your children’s job to pass it on to others.
  16. Live out your own dreams. Let your children have their own.