Too Focused On Women?

Lisa Jervis in her article, “If Women Ruled the World Nothing Would Be Different” states that the trouble with the feminist movement today is its obsession with women. Yes, that’s right. We’re too focused on women, too concerned with getting women in positions of power instead of changing the system, and too prone to think that women have all the answers. Some of her charges merit examination and in fact that’s why I’m referencing her article today: it makes you think.

This article was originally written in September of 2005 for the now-defunct LiP (online) magazine and was partially reproduced in the online Utne Reader as a counterpoint argument to traditional feminism. I’m assuming that the author is the same Lisa Jervis who is a co-founder of Bitch magazine, which is a “Feminist Response to Pop Culture.” I would also assume that Jervis is a feminist. She critiques a form of feminism which she calls “femmenism” which seems to be the opposite of a “transformative, progressive feminism.” (I don’t know how she came up with the name or what it’s supposed to mean exactly.) If I had to categorize her, I’d call her a Marxist-feminist. See what you think.