Advertising Featuring Women

Today I’m going to be gathering commercials and advertisements that feature women. The first one is from Wilkinson Sword about how shaving your legs makes life smoother. (Watch commercial here. Be patient, it takes a few seconds to load.)

The second one is from the U.K. Try telling your child what the commercial is really about.

This one’s a little more subtle.

This one’s not subtle at all.

This one is about role reversal. Update 7/3/10: this video seems no longer available at YT.

This one was banned, but I kind of like it. (As a blonde, I appreciate a good blonde joke.)

Here’s one with a refreshing twist (pun intended):

Here’s a French ad (via AdFreak) for lasting-pleasure condoms.

Pleasure Tan Lines

And here’s a reality-TV promo about a new ad agency, Scooter Girls. Yep, it’s real. (And ten minutes long, so you might not want to watch the whole thing.)

It’s interesting how many commercials that “use” women actually put down men. Here is another banned commercial, this one from Denmark. Was it banned because of the way it makes the man look or because of the fact that the woman is being used as a sex object?

I hope you enjoyed today’s presentation. Let me know what you think!