Abortion Pain Bill

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My daughter just directed me to an interesting web site, Project Vote Smart, which publishes things like voting records, speeches, interest group ratings and so on for all candidates at the national level.

While surfing the site I ran across the Abortion Pain Bill from 2006. This is another example of the measures being put forward in Congress which are designed to make it harder for women to consider abortion. While I don’t disagree with doing all that we can to decrease the number of abortions in this country, I see no purpose in trying to add to the anguish of the woman who has decided to have an abortion. You may see it differently. At any rate, I thought this was important enough to include it in this blog. See details below:

Official Title:

HR 6099: To ensure that women seeking an abortion are fully informed regarding the pain experienced by their unborn child.

Project Vote Smart’s Synopsis:

Vote to suspend the rules and pass a bill that outlines several protocols that abortion providers must follow before performing an abortion on a fetus/unborn child that is 20 or more weeks into development.



– Requires the physician to provide the woman with the following information or material:
the approximate age of the fetus/unborn child
the ?Unborn Child Pain Awareness Brochure?
the possibility that drugs administered to the mother may not prevent pain for the fetus/unborn child
risks and costs associated with the use of pain-reducing drugs

-Requires the ?Unborn Child Pain Awareness Brochure? to state that evidence exists suggesting fetuses/unborn children 20 weeks or more into development are capable of experiencing pain, and that the woman may request pain-reducing drugs for the fetus/unborn child, and that there may be additional risks associated with the use of some pain-reducing drugs

-Allows the woman to waive receipt of the brochure by signing an ?Unborn Child Pain Awareness Decision Form?

House Passage Vote: 12/06/2006: Failed (2/3 Vote Required): 250-162 (Roll no: 526).

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