A Thirteen-Year-Old Talks About Sex–OMG!

The video below has gone viral recently, scoring over a half a million hits, and generating a lot of controversy about the fact that a thirteen-year-old girl is talking about…wait for it…sex!

It seems that many adults are blown away by the fact that “Astrorice” is so knowledgeable and articulate about sex. They obviously see a thirteen-year-old as a child who has no business knowing, much less talking about, things like “slut-shaming” and rape.

I for one am encouraged by this young woman. She really has a handle on what’s wrong about judging people for their sexual activity, whether real or presumed. And I was really impressed by what she said about rape culture. The adults in this next video, not so much; they thought she crossed some kind of line.

What disturbed me is that the panelists spent more time talking about her precociousness than they did about the issues she raised. I thought the most important part of her video was when she talked about “the rape culture.” She’s absolutely right that slut-shaming (or judging people based on their sexual activity or appearance) does contribute to the attitudes that make some men think it’s all right to push sex on women against their will. That’s rape whether the woman is drunk or dressed in a mini-skirt or just minding her own business. I don’t understand people who say that “date rape” isn’t really rape, or that there are degrees of rape, some barely worth mentioning.

Just sayin’.


One Reply to “A Thirteen-Year-Old Talks About Sex–OMG!”

  1. This is one of the BEST and most encouraging things I have ever viewed! As a sexuality counselor and author of a book with a sex-positive spin on teen girls and sex, (The Secret Lives of Teen Girls, Hay House, 2009)) I almost cannot believe what I viewed. This young woman is powerful and I am guessing must live with awfully hip parents or else she’s just way ahead of the pack for some other reason. Further, I don’t think it’s such an oddity to hear a 13 year old talking about sex. Perhaps what’s odd is that she’s talking about sex with a socio-political and safety-based orientation. We seem to have a problem in this culture differentiating between healthy sexual activity – especially in teen girls – and promiscuity. We tend to demonize every sexually active teen girl and call her promiscuous. WRONG! Promiscuity involves a lack of discrimination. This is precisely what this kid is railing against. let’s expand our thinking on this and also consider that rape is sexual violence,another separate thing from being indiscriminate. This 13 year old is onto something it takes many of us much longer to wrap our head around.

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