Yay Hillary!

I haven’t been watching all of the Democratic National Convention but I had to watch Hillary’s speech last night. She looked vibrant and dynamic. (And I loved the color of her pantsuit–I mention that because I was so afraid that she was going to wear red like so many of the other women speakers did earlier that evening. Hey, just because I’m a feminist doesn’t mean that I think that those things don’t matter.) I think she’s a hell of a speaker and her speech last night was one of her best.

Afterward, some of the pundits were talking about how maybe she should have said something like “I know I said some harsh things about Obama before, but I’m over all that now. I’ve had a change of heart.” But I think she did the right thing to stand her ground. She still showed her complete support for Obama, but without groveling to beg his pardon. I think that would have been too much for her supporters to swallow.

As it is, she offered a gracious way for her supporters to lay down their Hillary signs and pick up the signs of unity. We simply can’t have another four to eight years of Republican leadership. I still don’t completely trust Obama, but I don’t trust any politician, not even Hillary. Not completely. What does trust in a politician look like anyway? I’m still afraid that Obama’s inexperience–and possibly his race–will be his down fall. But who else do we have?

Hillary was the strongest Democratic candidate we’ve had since her husband. I’m truly sorry that she didn’t make it. But then again, I haven’t written her off either. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Hillary Clinton. But for now, we just need to get through this election and win the White House.

I can’t believe that we’re going to be voting in just a little over two months. It doesn’t seem like there’s been that much presidential politicking. Maybe that’s because so much attention and energy was focused on the Democratic campaign. I suppose we’ll be hit hard as soon as McCain announces his running mate and the Republican convention is over.

I’m worried that Obama can’t defeat McCain, not because he’s not good enough, but because wealthy white male supremacy has so much influence in this country. Hillary would have undoubtedly faced the same resistance, for different reasons, but I think she had experience on her side. She’s definitely one of the “insiders.” (I don’t know why that should be seen as a bad thing; I’d rather have a candidate who knows how things work and how to manipulate the system.) And she has paid her dues. Maybe it’s just not her time.

If Obama turns out to be a weak and ineffective president, there’s always Hillary waiting in the wings for 2012. At least I hope so.