Video: Learning to Be Sexy

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I don’t know if this is cute or disturbing. What’s your reaction?

I found this video on Sociological Images with this commentary:

We often think of childhood socialization as a top-down process.  That is, we imagine that children are empty vessels and adults, mostly parents maybe, fill them up with whatever they please.  It may be true that the parents of this little girl actively, even aggressively, encouraged her to learn this dance.  But it’s also possible that this is driven by that little girl.  In which case, it may illustrate how kids can take an active part in their own socialization.  Clearly these parents don’t mind that their daughter is watching Beyonce, but she may be taking the initiative to emulate a public figure she’s seeing in the media (which surely includes messages about how to look, dress, etc.).  Even if these parents don’t like everything about that message (or other models she might follow), they can’t actually protect her from the ever-present messages about femininity that are all around her, which are going to affect how she thinks about herself, what she should be, etc.

Do you agree?

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One thought on “Video: Learning to Be Sexy”

  1. It seems that we are living in a deceptive world, with double standards!

    Why expose that poor little soul to a dance routine on the video? Come on world be brave, take all those clothes off and just come like that to schools,work,cinemas, walk on the street naked in everyday life and jiggle your bums and boobs around and help your children learn to be sexy the easy way!

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