Straight Talk About Abortion

People who are against abortion try to enlist people to their cause by spreading misinformation about abortion.

Ms. Magazine Blog published two articles in 2010 listing the most common myths about abortion. The myths are below. If you believe that any of these statements are true, please go here and here for the facts that refute them.

Myth 1: Even if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion would still be legal.

Myth 2: American women are able to have legal abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy in all 50 states.

Myth 3: Women who have abortions are selfish and self-centered.

Myth 4: Abortions cause pain for the fetus.

Myth 5: Abortions are readily available across the country.

Myth 6: Abortion is a very dangerous procedure.

Myth 7: Abortion providers are in it to make a lot of money.

Myth 8: If a woman doesn’t want to have a child, she should use contraception or abstain.

Myth 9: Women have multiple abortions rather than using birth control.

Myth 10: Many women who have had abortions are traumatized and suffer from “post-abortion stress syndrome.”

Myth 11: Making abortion illegal will stop abortion.

Myth 12: Abortion causes breast cancer.

Myth 13: Pregnancy as a result of either rape or incest is extremely rare.

Myth 14: Emergency contraception causes abortions.

Myth 15: Having an abortion can cause infertility.

Myth 16. Pro-choice activists promote abortion.

Myth 17. Adoption is an alternative to abortion.

Myth 18. More contraception leads to more unintended pregnancies and more abortion.

Myth 19: It is impossible to be personally opposed to abortion and be pro-choice.

Myth 20: All religions believe abortion is a sin.

My personal take on the issue is that there are some valid reasons for having an abortion. Because of that, I don’t believe that women should have the right to decide whether or not to have an abortion taken away from them. Whether men like it or not, having a baby is a woman’s issue and should be her decision. If she doesn’t feel that she can handle having that particular baby, whether it’s because it’s the result of incest or rape, it suffers from a condition that will kill or severely handicap it or it will cause undue hardship for the woman, then she should not be forced to go through with the pregnancy.

We need to realize that if abortion is made illegal (again) in this country, women will have no choice but to bear children they don’t want or don’t feel equipped to handle. That’s a pretty heavy issue that the anti-abortion contingent isn’t willing to address. Why do they think that they have the right to tell a woman that she has to go through the trauma of giving birth to a baby that is their own half-brother or sister, or who will be the child of her rapist, or who is not going to survive long after it’s born?

Many people who are against abortion think that it’s always better to give birth even if the baby will be unwanted, uncared-for or abandoned. They always imagine a rosy future for the child. But too often that’s not the reality. We can’t force unfit or unprepared mothers to give their babies up for adoption, nor is that always a sure thing. (Who is going to adopt a child with severe handicaps, for instance?)

Terminating a pregnancy is not something that a woman takes lightly. The average woman will avoid abortion at all costs. Women who do have abortions are not monsters. Nor are the people who help them through the procedure. No one celebrates when an abortion is performed.

It’s obviously much better if every baby is wanted and raised in a positive environment. But all we have to do is look at the statistic on child abuse to know that that doesn’t always happen.

For a more personal look at abortion (my own), read “A Personal Story.”

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  1. No matter how one rationalizes abortion, the truth remains that it ends a human life with unique dna separate from his mother. It is a scientific fact that an abortion stops a beating human heart and terminates measurable brain waves. This reality makes abortion unacceptable no matter the burden.

    My heart goes out to you and all women who have had an abortion. May peace be with you always.

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