Mamma Mia

Watch the trailer. Go see the movie–you won’t be sorry! I saw “Mamma Mia” three times and wouldn’t mind seeing it again. It’s one of the best “feel-good” movies in recent years. It’s a lot of fun and the tunes stick in your head–a good thing, in this instance (even if you’re not an ABBA fan).

“Mamma Mia” celebrates womanhood, especially women of a “certain age.” The main characters in real life are in their fifties–and they look great!

Streep has also said while she enjoyed the dancing sequences in the film, she is waiting to see how her children will react to it. ‘I am really doing this to embarrass my 20-something-year-old children,” Streep confesses. ‘The dancing part will mortify them. They have to move to Alaska or some place like that. Just the overalls alone are gonna do it for them.’ [via]

Though she took the role to embarrass her children, when they’re in their fifties, it will be a role model for them, Streep says. It certainly is for me.