Attitudes Toward Single Motherhood By Choice

Accidentally On Purpose is a book about one woman’s decision to go ahead with an unplanned pregnancy even though she was 39 years old, unmarried, and had conceived during a one-night stand. In June, 2008, interviewed the author, Mary Pols (“And Baby Daddy Makes Three”), about the continuing involvement of “Baby Daddy” in her son’s life. The interview was interesting but what really got me going were the comments. They are the reason that I’m writing this post in a feminist blog.

Here are a few examples:

I feel like this author pretty much admitted trapping this young man into fatherhood. She expected/hoped that he would flake on her – but he’s a stand up guy so now he’s a happy, proud father. But it’s still not right. I still can’t help but think that fatherhood should have been different for this man.

I don’t know. This story makes me deeply uncomfortable. And yes – I would have seen it all much, much differently had she gone to a sperm bank.