Fake Abortion Clinics

You suspect that you’re pregnant. What do you do? Many women looking for help end up at pregnancy counseling centers. They don’t want to go directly to an abortion clinic before they even know if they’re pregnant and sometimes not even after they know that they are. They want to think over their options. So the pregnancy counseling centers sound like just the place to go. What they don’t know about most of these centers is that they are designed to talk you out of having an abortion and they often use gross tactics and disseminate misleading or inaccurate medical information to get you to see things their way.

Here is the web site copy on the home page for Option Line:

“Your needs are important to us. Our trained consultants are available 24/7 to listen to your concerns and to answer your questions about pregnancy, abortion and related issues. Our consultants will connect you to nearby pregnancy centers that offer the following services:

  • Free pregnancy tests and pregnancy information
  • Abortion and Morning After Pill information, including procedures and risks
  • Medical services, including STD tests,
    early ultrasounds and pregnancy confirmation
  • Confidential pregnancy options

After Abortion: If you are facing issues relating to a past abortion, we can help you find caring people in your community to help address these concerns.”

If you click on the box that purports to lead you to information about abortion (see page here), you will find graphic and brutal descriptions of the different kinds of abortion and a listing of possible (they make it sound like they’re probable) risks.   The page titled “After Abortion” is all about the negative emotional consequences of abortion.  They even say that there is something called PAS (Post-Abortion Stress) which can happen immediately or years after an abortion.  There is no such medically recognized syndrome.

Nowhere does it say that abortion is a reasonable option in some cases.

Legal Momentum has the following information about pregnancy counseling, or crisis pregnancy, centers  here . Another Legal Momentum article describes what one of their members experienced when she visited a pregnancy counseling center. The Feminist Women’s Health Center has more information here.  Likewise the National Abortion Federation (NAF) has a pdf. file here about crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).

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