Feminist Power

There are all kinds of feminists today: liberal feminists, traditional feminists, eco-feminists, radical feminists, etc. This implies that these feminists know that their feminism gives them more power as they work for other causes. It’s not feminism or, it’s feminism and. Being a feminist helps a woman to stand on her own two feet and hold her own in every other venue. A woman who is in politics but is not a feminist needs her consciousness raised. She is acting like a feminist whether she wants to acknowledge it or not. A mother who is not a feminist is at the mercy of a patriarchal society. She won’t get what she wants for her kids—what they need—as long as a man doesn’t want to give it to her. Feminism means doing it for yourself. Not waiting for the men in power to give it to you.

About the men in power. There are more women in power than there used to be, it’s true, but they are still operating in a male-dominated system. The system is rigged to favor the boys. Feminists aren’t asking that they be favored instead; they just want equal opportunities. That was Second Wave Feminism’s battle cry. But today we need more than equal opportunities. Today we need restructuring. The feminine viewpoint has to be incorporated into society, on equal footing with the masculine viewpoint. There are some who would argue that there is no such thing—or there should be no such thing—as masculine and feminine viewpoints. I disagree. Or maybe I should clarify: there are other viewpoints than the white upper-class male viewpoint. And they should all be considered. Women have the power to bring about more inclusion in this society. White upper-class men are more about exclusion. They seek to exclude women, people of color, the middle and lower classes. For feminism to be powerful today it should seek to unite all those that WUCMs exclude and bring them together in a power bloc.

The political scene this year is a good case in point. There are far fewer women than men in politics. Why would that be? Because WUCMs have the game all sewed up. No one gets to play unless the WUCMs let them. Obama is allowed because he at least is a male—and an upper-class male at that. Of course, no one without money or “class” has a chance in hell of becoming president. You have to own something substantial to get ahead in this world. Nothing has really changed. This country was founded by WUCMs and it is still being run by them.

Imagine a society in which all groups have an equal say; whose agendas are all taken seriously. The poor, the elderly, the children, the women, the various races and nationalities. As it is now, they all vie for the WUCMs’ approval. What if the game plan were changed and WUCMs were just one group among many? Now that’s the ticket.