Women’s History Quiz

Ms. Magazine recently started its own blog (which is great, by the way), and in honor of Women’s History Month, I’m directing you to their Pre-1972 Women’s History Quiz. The quiz originally appeared in the 1972 issue of Ms. and was written by Gerda Lerner.

If you get more than 9 (out of 18) right, you’re a feminist genius. I got 13 right (frankly, I just guessed on several of them), but I was upset with myself that I didn’t know more. Why? Because the ones I missed were obviously important and accomplished women and I hadn’t even heard of them!

The author of the article, Alexandra Tweten, issues this challenge before presenting the quiz:

Can you name 10 women who have made important contributions to American history and development? (No presidents’ wives, writers or singers–and no one living today.)

If this was difficult, try naming 10 men. Easy?

One of the missions of Femagination is to introduce women whom we should have heard of, but whose accomplishments have been overshadowed by the accomplishments of men (even when theirs were greater). If there is a woman you have heard of, but know little about, comment below and I will research her life and write about it on this blog. (Even after Women’s History Month is over.)

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