Tuesday Tidbits: From Care2.com

One of my favorite sites is Care2.com, which covers a broad range of topics from animal welfare to civil rights, informs you of what is going on and recommends action you can take. Recently it had four stories that covered women’s issues that I thought I’d share with you today.

The first is about the squeamishness of the general public about feminine products using the word “vagina.” Nancy Roberts reports that:

The venerable menstrual supply company Kotex recently decided it was time to shake things up with an ad campaign that used, gasp, the word vagina. Fortunately for us delicate Americans, according to the New York Times, all three major networks refused to run the ad, saying the word vagina is not suitable for broadcast. When the ad company, JWT, changed the wording to “down there”…only two networks turned it down.

The video below is of an ad from Australia. Do you think this is an improvement??

Another story is about  how India is in the process of amending the constitution to designate that one third of all political seats must be held by women. The author, Robin Marty, asks if the U.S. (where women make up only 17% of Congress) should do the same. What do you think?

In a third story Ximena R. reports that women and girls in Haiti live in day-to-day fear of being raped and describes the conditions in the camps they are living in.

Rejected by little boys

My last example is also by Robin Marty and is about Disney executives canceling future princess-based fare in favor of bigger “guy” roles. Seems that they decided that the last film, The Princess and the Frog, was a royal flop. And we all know that it’s because little boys didn’t like it.  So, are they the standard by which Disney (and other companies) base their marketing? Apparently so.

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