I Could Have Used Feminism…(Part Two)

Feminist Buttons 1968 - 1972

I could have used feminism…

  • when my first marriage ended in divorce and I was faced with raising four daughters alone.
  • when I moved back in with my parents instead of getting my own place.
  • when my ex got the child support reduced and I didn’t fight it.
  • when I thought that remarrying would solve all my problems.
  • when I decided against going back to school after my remarriage because I thought I didn’t need it.
  • when I took another shit job instead of trying to make it as a writer, which is what I really wanted to do.
  • when my new husband became abusive and I still didn’t get out of the marriage for another three years.
  • when I became a single mother again (even though this time we had our own home).
  • when the father of my kids stopped paying child support.
  • when I was sexually and psychologically harassed at work.
  • when I got pathologically dependent on a new boyfriend.
  • when I thought again that getting married would solve all my problems.
  • when I stayed in my toxic job even though the abuse continued (for a total of 16 years).
  • as my children matured and I needed to give them a role model.
  • when my parents died and I became the matriarch of the family.