I Could Have Used Feminism…(Part One)

I could have used feminism…

Photo by tibchris on Flickr
Photo by tibchris on Flickr
  • when I got chubby in the third grade and bought into the idea that I was fat and disgusting.
  • when my smarts got me labeled as stuck-up and unfeminine.
  • when my mother told me I could do anything, but I didn’t believe her.
  • when I matured early and started to get the attention of boys.
  • when I didn’t know who my real friends were.
  • when I began to feel that I was nothing if a boy didn’t love (want) me.
  • when I got in over my head sexually (when I didn’t know how to say no).
  • when the first guy I had sex with played with my head and told me that I could never leave him.
  • when that same boyfriend threatened to kill my family, or me, or both of us.
  • when I met my first soul mate and didn’t know what to do about it but have sex with him and I scared him off. (Imagine!)
  • when my grandfather died and I felt like I lost my best-friend.
  • when I settled for the second-best guy because I couldn’t have the one I really wanted.
  • when I had my abortion.
  • when I had my own apartment and a free ride to college and I threw it all over to get married at the age of 20.
  • when my marriage was in trouble and I became a Christian to save it.
  • when I started working in a shit job to help put my husband through school.
  • when I felt so bored and unfulfilled I talked my husband into having a baby.
  • when I continued to have kids because I didn’t know what else to do with my life.