Resolutions For Feminists

Feminist New Year Resolutions

The New Year is officially here and I thought I would try to come up with a list of resolutions that every feminist should subscribe to.

These are the personal resolutions:

  1. I will take charge of my own life.
  2. I will pursue my dreams.
  3. I will make time for myself.
  4. I will not let myself be intimidated by authority.
  5. I will clearly state my opinions.
  6. I will accept myself as I am.

These areĀ  interpersonal resolutions:

  1. I will not assume that I know what others need and want.
  2. I will seek solidarity with all women.
  3. I will not look down on other “categories” of feminists.
  4. I will listen to what others are really saying.
  5. I will not generalize or stereotype.
  6. I will not hate those with different ideologies.

These are the “public” resolutions:

  1. I will keep up with the news.
  2. I will research women’s issues.
  3. I will make my views known.
  4. I will support feminist causes.
  5. I will educate myself about feminism.
  6. I will call myself a feminist.

Do you agree with these resolutions? Which ones would you change? What would you add?

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