Where’s Obama Now?

Courtesy of Time Magazine
Courtesy of Time Magazine

I’m getting disillusioned about Obama. Well, not so much disillusioned as vindicated. I had my misgivings about him way back when. When I was for Hillary. Even after he won the nomination, I wasn’t sure I wanted to vote for him. I just didn’t think he had the experience. I don’t know how much better a job Hillary would have done, but at least she was used to The Way Things Work. I think Obama is flummoxed by how intransigent Congress can be. He’s spent the better part of a year trying to get those fools to enact health care reform and he’s getting nowhere. Worse than nowhere. It’s going backward.

Then there are the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. No talk now about withdrawing from either place. No, instead the spotlight has been taken off Iraq and put on Afghanistan. Meanwhile it’s business as usual in Iraq.

I’m not demonizing Obama. I think he’s still got potential. (See my November 28th post, “Baker’s Dozen About Obama.”) Part of the problem could be that no one realizes how difficult it can be to get anything changed in Washington unless they’ve been there. And even then, it’s a whole different ball game when you’re the President. So many people are gunning for you that they’re willing to shoot anything to get at you. Health care reform, the wars in A and I, the bailouts and stimulus packages—you name it, Obama’s enemies are willing to scuttle any chances to solve the problems we face as long as they have any chance in hell of hurting Obama.

The name of the game is: 2012. All they care about is discrediting the Democrats so that Republicans will look better when the next presidential election comes around. I wish the average person would figure that out. We need to find ways to get our politicians to stop playing these games.

I just told my husband that I think Obama thought that if he took the higher moral ground he could lead by example. And then G said that he just didn’t realize that the higher moral ground in Washington is at swamp level. Ain’t that the truth!

It would be interesting to hear what Hillary thinks about the job Obama’s doing and how she might have done things differently. Of course she’s not going to say anything now. Maybe that’s why Obama made her Secretary of State so that she wouldn’t be able to say anything against him. To shut her up. Maybe someday she’ll write a book about what she really thought/thinks. I hope so; I’d be one of the first ones to buy it.

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