Mommy Tracked

I am way overdue for calling your attention to one of my favorite web sites: Mommy Tracked, which is dedicated to “Managing the Chaos of Modern Motherhood.” It is not a feminist blog per se, but it displays what I think of as the spirit of feminism. It is not afraid to call out society for its transgressions while at the same time putting a personal face on the issues that face modern women (not just mothers). It’s neither liberal nor conservative, pro-working moms or -stay-at-home mothers.  What it is, is honest.

I particularly enjoyed Meredith O’Brien‘s recent article on Sarah Palin, “Sarah Palin: Rogue Not Rouge.” In it she addresses the sexism leveled against not only Sarah Palin, but also Hillary Clinton, as they attempted to enter the world of politics. I don’t agree with Palin’s views on many things, but I recognize her many accomplishments and admire her for the example she sets for other working mothers. (Funny how no one talks about Clinton being a working mom. Maybe it’s because she only had one, or because her daughter is grown?)

Other columnists on Mommy Tracked include Risa Green, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, Leslie Morgan Steiner, Wendy Sachs, Kristy Campbell, and Christie Mellor. There are also comics by Betsy Streeter, a survival guide, a section for working moms, news, book reviews, and groups and forums. And don’t miss signing up for the newsletter; it’s worth it.