What I’m Thankful For

It is the day after Thanksgiving and I finally have time to reflect on the “reason for the season:” thankfulness. I only pray that I keep these things in mind all the rest of the year.

Most of all I am thankful for my family:

My husband, who has made me happier than I ever thought possible. My daughters, who are all strong, caring and beautiful, for the way they support and love me, and each other. My grandson, for being the delight of my heart. My sister, who has my undying devotion. My in-laws, who are as dear to me as my biological family. And if my parents were still here on this earth, I would thank them for making me the person I am today (for better and worse).

It doesn’t seem fair to put my friends second, but being true friends I know they understand. I am thankful for my old and faithful friends, my rediscovered friends (thanks to Facebook!) and my newest friends, especially those who most recently showed me the way to Islam by their love and caring.

I am also thankful for my country and for the spirit of the American people. We have our faults, but overall, I wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else and I feel extremely blessed to be an American. I am especially thankful for the freedoms we enjoy. Most of the restrictions we feel are ones of our own making.

I am thankful for all the religions of the world that make people better than they would be without them. Of course I’m especially thankful for Islam, but I feel blessed to have been a Christian as well, and to have known and loved God all my life (I don’t know what I would have done without Him).

I am thankful for all those I’ve known and loved who have passed on either from my life or from life itself. Their absences are bittersweet, as were their presences sometimes. But I’m grateful that they were a part of my life when I needed them most.

I am thankful for my health (notwithstanding my broken foot right now–it is, after all, only a broken foot) and for those who have helped me to recover and maintain it.

I am thankful for my home, wherever it has been throughout my life. It has always been my haven and my source of peace and regeneration.

I am thankful for the curiosity that God gave me that has driven me in my life’s pursuits.

And last of all, I am thankful for life itself. I’ve taken this for granted more than anything or anyone else. I hope to do better in the future.