Girl Drive: A Feminist Road Trip

Just released on November 1st, Girldrive is a book about “criss-crossing America [and] redefining feminism.” The road trip that was undertaken by Nona Willis Aronowitz and Emma Bee Bernstein is the inspiration for the book and the blog by the same name. These videos are from the Girldrive website.

Girldrive trailer! from Girldrive on Vimeo.

Here are a few more videos highlighting different voices they heard on the trip:

Girldrive Mini-trailer #1–Redefine Feminism from Girldrive on Vimeo.

Girldrive mini-trailer #2–Be Seen and Heard from Girldrive on Vimeo.

Girldrive mini-trailer #3–Start Talking from Girldrive on Vimeo.

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