Men Fighting Violence

Thanks to my husband for finding the White Ribbon Campaign for me, which is the largest effort in the world (in over 55 countries) of men working to end men’s violence against women.

I particularly like this article by Michael Kaufman, the International Director of WRC, about “The Seven P’s of Men’s Violence.” They are:

  1. Patriarchal Power
  2. The Sense of Entitlement to Privilege
  3. Permission
  4. The Paradox of Men’s Power
  5. The Psychic Armor of Manhood
  6. Masculinity as a Psychic Pressure Cooker
  7. Past Experiences

Please read the whole article for a fuller understanding of what contributes to men’s violence. An important part of this campaign is to educate men and boys about violence against women and their own propensity to commit violence. Perhaps reading this article will help you to guide someone in the right direction. Better yet, get them to read the article.