Tuesday Tidbits

I apologize for being preoccupied with other things this past week: my grandson’s visit, my husband’s birthday, the observance and celebration of Ramadan and my conversion to Islam. Just little things like that. I’m easing back in with this edition of my Tuesday Tidbits. This week I’m featuring Salon’s Broadsheet. There’s so much there, I just want to share everything. If you like breaking news and entertaining insights, you want to pay frequent visits to Broadsheet. Here is a sampling of recent articles:

“The Facebook Divorce” by Amanda Fortini.

Tweeting A Miscarriage” by Tracy Clark-Flory.

Women Hold Up Half the Sky” by Kate Harding.

Want Justice For Polanski? Let Him Go” by Mary Elizabeth Williams.

Letter From a Young Feminist” by Lynn Harris.

Oh, and don’t forget the comments. Salon readers write the best.