A Survey for Women

Noble Savage tipped me off to this survey for women about feminism, marriage and motherhood. The survey is being conducted by the University of Mary Washington Mothering Study. Here is the researchers’ statement:

“We are studying the relationship between feminism and mothering. There has been a historical tension between the feminist movement and mothers. Some have accused feminists of ruining the family by encouraging women to move into the workplace, obtain legal abortions, and less commonly serve as primary caregivers. On the other hand, feminists have also advocated for affordable high quality childcare and have been very involved in women’s health issues including childbirth and breastfeeding. Some branches of feminism especially value motherhood. Little research has been conducted on whether feminists are more or less likely to desire motherhood, the ways in which feminists may be different from non-feminists in how they approach motherhood, and how people (both feminists and non-feminists) perceive feminist mothers. We hope to contribute to this literature.”

I enjoyed taking the survey because it really made me think. It isn’t long–15 to 30 minutes.