The Oscars

Just a thought: the Oscars are presented in order of importance, right? At least once you get to supporting actors and actresses. Ever notice, then, how actors are above actresses? Just once I’d like to see them present to the best actress right before best picture. If I’m wrong, and they have done that before, let me know. I’m not an avid Oscar watcher and wouldn’t remember every year even if I was.

Also: is it a bad thing that actresses are on display more so than the actors are? Most of the talk the day after is about the women: who wore what, who was best- and worst-dressed, and so on. Part of me envies the women for being able to get all dolled up and seen by millions. But then I realize that’s a lot of pressure, too. God forbid that a woman would dress plainly–the critics would tear her apart.

Unlike animals (or should I say, other animals), human females are the ones who have to show off their plumage. What does that do to the self-esteem of women who don’t have the looks or the means to make themselves look stunning? I don’t mean that men are allowed to look unkempt or unattractive either. But they’re given more leeway than women are. (Did you see Mickey Rourke, for instance?)

Is it hotwired in women to want to be attractive, to show off their youth and beauty, to try to hold on to their looks as long as possible? What do you think?