Sprite Ad Goes Too Far (With Update)

I want to encourage my readers to check out the News entries in the left-hand column of this blog. Yesterday I found an article from Bitch about a controversial (supposedly spec) ad for Sprite. The video is no longer available but the author, Mandy Van Deven, describes it enough detail to make your jaw drop (as it did mine). Even if the ad has been deep-sixed, it is appalling that it was ever made at all. Read the article and let me know what you think. And, by the way, good job, Bitch magazine!

UPDATE (From The Huffington Post): The director of the video, Max Isaacson, has issued a denial that the ad was ever considered by Coca Cola for legitimate use and that “I am frankly quite surprised that spots of this nature were so quickly and easily believed to be legitimate.”


Here is a segment of The Young Turks show which shows the video and includes a interview with the director (click on the box that shows up on the video to hear it), who insists that Coca Cola was quite nice about the whole thing.

Again, right.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! It’s pretty interesting how quickly that ad was ‘disappeared’ after blog posts started cropping up about it.

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