More About Me

Even though I was raised by a strong woman, I still absorbed the messages of a pre-Women’s Liberation society. I married at the age of 20, dropped out of college, had four children by the time I was 28 and was totally a stay-at-home mom. The seed of feminism was planted while I was in college, but it wasn’t until my divorce at the age of 29 that I began to really see what it meant to be a woman in this society. I’ve been a feminist ever since.

After my first divorce, I remarried too soon because I was afraid I couldn’t raise my children alone. That marriage also ended in divorce. By that time I was working for the Postal Service, which made it possible for me to become a single mother, even though I still had to spend an insane amount of money on child care. When I was 38, I married again, but never quit working.

I continued to see first hand how women are treated in the workplace (even in a relatively egalitarian workplace like the Post Office–thanks to the union). But I ran into insurmountable issues having to do with being a blended family (as I had in my second marriage) and after ten years that marriage also ended in divorce.

I have four daughters who are all strong women in their own right. That’s what feminism means to me: being a strong woman with a highly-developed sense of your own self-worth. (Can you be strong without that?) They may not all identify themselves as feminists, but they are in practice as well as attitude.

I am now retired from the Post Office and writing full-time. I was fortunate enough to finally find the right man for me–also a feminist whether or not he identifies himself as such–and have been married to him for seven years (and known him for twelve). I spend most of my time writing posts for my blogs journaling, writing essays and reading (see my account on Good Reads), studying German and spending time with my grandson (which has been a totally new experience for me!).

A few other things about me:

I love learning about other religions. I am a Christian but am now on an Islamic “kick.” (I work with several Muslims.)

I have two cats, Buttons and Princess Mimi, and am still getting over the loss of Tipper (our dog) and Fanny (our eight-and-a-half year-old seven-inch gold fish!).

I moved into the inner city after my last divorce and live in a diverse neighborhood in a cute little 94-year-old house.

I went back to college at the age of 51 and finally earned my bachelor’s (in history).

I struggle constantly with clinical depression, anxiety and ADD.

And I am a Democrat who started out being for Hillary but finally came around and got behind Obama. I admit I cried on Election Night.

I’m excited about what this year is going to bring for me personally and what Obama is going to mean for us as a nation.

If you want to know more about me, read my blogs!