Procter & Gamble Has It – Why Can’t We?

Procter & Gamble has had a libido-enhancing therapy for women since 2004, known as Intrinsa, but the FDA won’t approve it. It’s available in Europe, however. Why is it that Europe always gets these things before we do? Are Europeans less concerned about safety or are we overly concerned? Imagine a web site like this one in the States, and it’s only about how to talk to your doctor about your low sexual desire. In my experience, doctors don’t ask and hope you don’t tell, partly because there’s so little they can do about it anyway.

Here is P&G’s site that is specifically about Instrinsa.

For more information about the FDA’s stance on Intrinsa, see here.

An article about another therapy called LibiGel, which is now undergoing trials in the U.S.