Planned Parenthood

Now we have the Family Research Council and other entities calling for an end to government aid to Planned Parenthood, on the grounds that PP has plenty of money and doesn’t need the aid. (See “Abortion foes open a new front.” ) This despite the fact that one-third of PP’s funding comes from such aid. That’s a pretty big hit to take in the budget. Where do they think the shortfall would come from?

Of course, that’s the point. They don’t care where the funds would come from. In fact, they hope that the loss of those funds would seriously cripple PP’s programs and services, especially abortion services, even though those make up only 3% of all that Planned Parenthood does. This illustrates the problem with anti-abortion activism: its propensity to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The fact that 38% of PP’s services is contraception-related, 29% is for STD testing and treatment and 19% is for cancer-screening shows that only a small proportion of the money collected by PP should be offensive to anti-abortionists. Of course now we’ve got anti-abortionists carping about birth control, as if it was responsible for abortions. Wish they’d get their science straight!

And now we have anti-abortionists using stealth tactics to make their case that PP is basically an abortion mill. (See “Activists go undercover at Planned Parenthood.”)