Aug 142011
The Sex Ed Hall of Shame (reprint from

In light of NYC’s mandate, we look at states with the worst policies when it comes to the birds and the bees By Tracy Clark-Flory iStockphoto/Salon This week people were abuzz over news that New York City had mandated sex education — and some were simply scratching their heads at the realization that this wasn’t […]

Apr 142011
Does Pink Nail Polish on a Boy Create Gender Confusion?

You may be aware of the controversy over a mother painting her five-year-old son’s toenails neon pink in a recent J. Crew ad. One pundit called it “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children.” Psychologist and author Keith Ablow advises the mother to put money aside for her son’s future psychotherapy. Here, Jon Stewart weighs in on […]

Feb 202011
House Republicans Jeopardize Women's Health Care

Last Friday (Feb. 18)  House Republicans voted 240-185 to ban federal funding for Planned Parenthood. I find this incomprehensible. Planned Parenthood is a respectable, indispensable source of health care for low and middle income women that has been around for 95 years. For some women it is their first, and sometimes only, contact with gynecological […]

Oct 102010
How We Dress: The Oppression of Women

It is commonly accepted that Muslim women are oppressed by their husbands and their culture. But many Muslims, women included, counter by claiming that Western women are “oppressed” by the demands their society places on them to be sexy. A Muslim woman can be alluring, too, which is why the whole modesty thing as a […]

Oct 062010
The Female Vampire: A Model For Feminists?

I was reading an article on Ms. Blog yesterday about the remake of the Swedish movie, “Let the Right One In.” I haven’t seen the new version, which is titled, “Let Me In,” so this is not going to be a comparison of the two or a review of the latter. What I want to […]