Sep 112011
How 9/11 Changed America

I’ve heard people say that they think 9/11 brought us closer as Americans. They point to the way we responded to the crisis when the towers came down: all those who willingly risked (and sometimes lost) their lives in order to bring others to safety. I’ve heard about the bravery and courage of so many […]

Mar 022011
Co-ed Wrestling: Feminism Gone Wrong?

Here’s the scenario: It’s the Iowa state wrestling tournament and Joel Northrup and Cassy Herkelman are supposed to compete in a wrestling match. Except the match doesn’t happen, because Northrup defaults to Herkelman on the grounds that he can’t/won’t wrestle her because of his religious faith. Perhaps Northrup is sincere, but the whole thing smacks […]

Feb 202011
House Republicans Jeopardize Women's Health Care

Last Friday (Feb. 18)  House Republicans voted 240-185 to ban federal funding for Planned Parenthood. I find this incomprehensible. Planned Parenthood is a respectable, indispensable source of health care for low and middle income women that has been around for 95 years. For some women it is their first, and sometimes only, contact with gynecological […]

Oct 212010
What Motivated Ginny Thomas?

Whether you believe Anita Hill or Clarence Thomas, it still seems weird that, almost twenty years after Hill made sexual harassment allegations against Thomas, Thomas’ wife, Virginia (Ginny) is still seeking absolution for her husband. The message* that she left on Hill’s office phone at 7:30 on a recent Saturday morning makes her seem like […]

Oct 022010
My Thoughts on Conservative Women

On the surface, it would seem that being conservative is a natural default for women. Since they are the ones who bear the children and who rely heavily on men to provide for them,  you could say that it’s not in their best interest to rock the boat politically and socially. Some women blame feminism […]

May 122010
Why Do We Put Up With This??

It’s not that O’Reilly is a conservative—it’s that he’s a nasty conservative. I was appalled by his behavior in this video. Is that the kind of role model we want for our children?  One woman wrote in and asked him that very question because of the way that he says “Shut up” so often. His […]