Dec 142010
Lament of an Old Woman

It’s a curious thing, getting old. When I was younger I thought it would feel like slowly walking into a blank future, a kind of nothingness. Instead, it feels like life is sliding out from under me as it races backward. I’m not moving; I’m staying exactly the same. It’s my context that keeps changing. […]

Oct 262010
The Feminist Generation Gap

How is it that a feminist can look so different depending on her age? I don’t just mean physical appearance, but also behavior and attitude. Obviously, Second Wave feminists are older than Third or Fourth  Wave feminists. But that isn’t the only difference. My daughters would probably consider themselves feminists, but they don’t talk about […]

Dec 032009

I am way overdue for calling your attention to one of my favorite web sites: Mommy Tracked, which is dedicated to “Managing the Chaos of Modern Motherhood.” It is not a feminist blog per se, but it displays what I think of as the spirit of feminism. It is not afraid to call out society […]

Nov 152009

Just released on November 1st, Girldrive is a book about “criss-crossing America [and] redefining feminism.” The road trip that was undertaken by Nona Willis Aronowitz and Emma Bee Bernstein is the inspiration for the book and the blog by the same name. These videos are from the Girldrive website. Girldrive trailer! from Girldrive on Vimeo. […]